Takaful Arabic Health Care Program

Your Health is very important to us

Services provided from this program

- Covering large surgeries such as (open-heart - catheterization - the expansion of the coronary arteries using a balloon).
- Physiotherapy and electric sessions through a selection of the finest physical therapy centers.
- Eyeglasses and sunglasses have big discount rates at the best optics centers, Dialysis and lithotripsy.
- Ultimate medicines percentages are deducted from a large group of pharmacies.
- Everything is covered by an exception in all other health care programs such as diagnostic and therapeutic catheter to the heart and ICSI and operations LASIK and cataracts, calendar, dental implants and cosmetic, calendar and others .
- Testing, radiology and laboratory are done with a group of the most famous medical centers, hospitals in special prices.
- Dental treatment includes (fillers - divorce - dentures, calendar and beauty… etc.) at special prices.
- Treatment of psychiatric and neurological diseases has a selection of professors and specialized centers.
- There is chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
-. It covers chronic and critical illnesses.

Takaful Al Arabia clients

We aspire to reach the largest possible number of people from all over Saudi Arabia to authorize everyone to have access to our network and share with other patients through our Forums Also we will help them find the information they need about the best doctors, hospitals and medical services with the help of Comprehensive Guide Book.

Takaful Arabic Health Care Program

It is a strong cash treatment in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, based on the idea of direct cash discount best and lowest prices card (percentages discount of up to 80%) in the medical field for the bodies, companies and individuals in all medical specialties and surgical procedures and tests, radiology, medicine and glasses and many others.

Advantages of participation of health care for Takaful Arabic program

- The discount has been Takaful Arabian Health for each client and without coupons card and repays the service value in cash.
- There are no conditions of age or health status of the joint.
- There are discount rates of up to 80% and free lists of a wide range of the best hospitals, pharmacies, clinics and radiology centers and laboratories analysis.
- The user gets the service directly without converting speech or consent previews of the company where that approval be found at the medical center or hospital in advance.

Why choose Takaful Al Arabia card?

Takaful Al Arabia commit to make immediate and long-term health services available and affordable by providing a discount while maintaining the high quality and help clients meet their needs in the field of health care. Takaful Al Arabia card will form a bridge of care and attention for you and your family. Our customers will benefit from the highest levels of medical services and affordable health care.

Terms and Conditions

- Does not consider Arab Takaful card for health care as health insurance and are not intended to replace the health insurance programs.
- Card provides a discount on the price of some health care providers.
- Discount scale varies according to the type of health care provider and type of service provided.
- Members needed (cardholders) to pay all health care costs to get a discount from health care providers under contract with Takaful Arabic.
- Will be provided a written list of health care providers participating on-demand or the member can follow the website and our applications to know.
- The card provides discounts on all providers of health care services except for we have didnt mentioned Discount is applied to the base price as soon as showing the card.
- Card may not be used with any other promotional offers or discounts offered by discount providers.
- We ask our members refer to the manual booklet on the website and smart applications for the terms and conditions relating to any selected point with the discount before buying goods or services.
- Card / membership remain valid for a period of one year from the date of issuance to be renewed 15 days before the date of expiry.
- Used exclusively by the user to be the highlight of any official document, known for his on-demand card.

Medical Services and Full Health Care

  • Our clients Benefits from discount up to 80% on a long list of clinics, health center, normative hospitals, nursing services and opticians in Saudi Arabia.
  • Our customers do not need to submit any papers with Takaful Al Arabia health care card except for personal identification.
  • Card can be used directly.
  • The card is unlimited use without any restrictions.
  • Each membership card include one person.
  • The card activate directly without any waiting period.

Our Privilege

- Memberships reasonable cost and a small fee.
- Unlimited use of the card overall the year The absence of age or health restrictions.
- Not to worry about the paperwork.
- Saving money in many health-care services are not subject to health care insurance.
- The provision by up to 80% at the level of high-quality physicians and most efficient medical services.
- Save money in more than 600 clinics and a medical center, a hospital and at the level of nursing services and ophthalmologists and cosmetic dentistry, and others in Saudi Arabia.
- Our members enjoy peace of mind thanks to the help line service around the clock, which can communicate with us from any city of the Kingdom and in Arabic and English.
- Discounts up to 80% on a year-round medical and sunglasses and other optical products and services of the largest department stores and centers in the Kingdom.
- Membership includes one card at a single person.


Confidentiality and privacy in our days consider an extremely important issue. This principle applies particularly in the case of the use of electronic data. It is very important for the patient to maintain the confidentiality of his medical condition, enquiries and information subject to the principle of privacy and confidentiality. Takaful Al Arabia put the principle of privacy and confidentiality on the top of its priorities to guarantee to the patients not to worry about the possibility of access to their personal or medical information through our website.

Takaful Al Arabia Card for Health Care

Takaful Al Arabia card is not just a discount card or insurance card, it is a full health care card which allow you to have full health services .