Steps of Subscribe
Visit the company's branches or call the unified number and ask for the card or through the website or mobile applications or contact one of the delegates and deliver it to you free of charge.

The Documents Required to Sign

  • Copy of the national identity of citizens or Gulf citizens.
  • Copy of accommodation for residents.
  • Copy of the passport and visa for visitors.
  • Copy of family card for women.

Takaful Al Arabia Clients

We aspire to reach the largest possible number of people from all over Saudi Arabia to authorize everyone to have access to our network and share with other patients through our Forums Also we will help them find the information they need about the best doctors, hospitals and medical services with the help of Comprehensive Guide Book.

Why choose Takaful Al Arabia card?

Takaful Al Arabia commit to make immediate and long-term health services available and affordable by providing a discount while maintaining the high quality and help clients meet their needs in the field of health care. Takaful Al Arabia card will form a bridge of care and attention for you and your family. Our customers will benefit from the highest levels of medical services and affordable health care.