Takaful Al Arabia Company for Health Care

It's more than just a health care company , but a whole life style, we offers you a medical deduction that suits your needs and your budget.

The company devotes its efforts to help you have a sense of security to your health, and your life style We achieve this through a wide range of integrated plans for health care and many services proved to be a good and meaningful health programs to the unique requirements of our customers.

In Takaful Al Arabia we understand that each person is unique , as well as their health , we see each person defines a healthy lifestyle in their own way . Our goal is to be a part in this process , helping them to achieve a better way of life in a healthy atmosphere Takaful Al Arabia and one of the largest service companies and medical care in the Saudi market, also includes more than 1,400 medical provider location of the service. It is also continues to increase. Like no other medical network Takaful Al Arabia distinction of being fit choice of places that are usually handled by each individual person, such as pharmacies - hospitals - dispensary - all kinds of clinics - Medical centers - eye centers treatment - Natural treatment Centers - labs and radiology centers - recreation centers (SPA) - fitness centers (GYM) - beauty centers, sunglasses shops, medical and many others.

In addition to the possibility of adding new places, according to your choice by Customer Service Media and we will go to contract with it on the spot_ with this our network will be according to our customers choices. _ and because we always care about our service, We make sure to communicate with them to gauge their satisfaction with the service and receive suggestions , study them carefully, and we do inform our customers on a regular basis about the new additions in the network by text messages (SMS) .. e-mails.

Takaful Arabic health care program

It is a strong cash treatment in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, based on the idea of direct cash discount best and lowest prices card (percentages discount of up to 80%) in the medical field for the bodies, companies and individuals in all medical specialties and surgical procedures and tests, radiology, medicine and glasses and many others.

Takaful Al Arabia Company

A professional company engaged in the field of providing medical services and health care bodies and public and private companies, trade unions and cooperative societies, charities and individuals in all segments of the society to ensure and provide an excellent level of services to members of these bodies and their families. Health care program, which is offered by the Arab Takaful health care one of the most important programs for workers in this field.

Our Goal

To become the Arab Takaful health care first and best partner in Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf for those interested in getting health care distinct and successful by all standards.

Our Mission

Provide excellent price and the best health care available to the largest segment of those who want to Healthcare Services in partnership with some of the best service providers from the authorities and medical bodies in order to achieve health and service revenue and physical Aqsa For those who want the health service and medical care.

Takaful Al Arabia card for health care

Takaful Al Arabia card is not just a discount card or insurance card, it is a full health care card which allow you to have full health services .